Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wild Romance in Springfield

Here's the deal. Springfield is a fictional town I made up. I needed to have a place where all my characters for this series could live. It's a small town in New England. Could it be Massachusetts? Sure. Could it be in Maine? Absolutely. Or in New Hampshire or Connecticut or Vermont. Not New York, but you get the idea. It's small town New England. And even though there are real towns in New England that have that name, my town is Fictional, just like the disclaimer says. 

When I started the Wild Romance series, I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a steamy romance series. Then I realized parts of it might have christian elements, but that I wasn't going to compromise on the steamy. Voila! Introducing the Steamy Contemporary Christian Romance. Unfortunately, there isn't a category for that in Amazon, or anywhere else. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to create it. Apparently I love a challenge. 

This series is all about people you can relate to. Sure, they're fictional, but they're based on people and places in real life. One of my biggest pet peeves when reading Christian Romance was how they always stop short of the 'goods', so to speak. Just when I'm getting excited for the characters to discover each other that whole part of life is avoided and glossed over behind closed doors. Some readers like that. Some don't. I don't. I want to follow the whole journey. If a reader doesn't want to, they can always skip the naughty parts. (Wink) 

Where did I come up with the 'Wild' idea? It all started when I was a kid in church. All the gossips, and yes there were many of them, would whisper about the 'wild' daughter of so and so and how those miniskirts were taking her straight to hell. The sad part was she was the sweetest person and one of my best friends growing up. She wasn't wild at all, she was just exploring life outside the 'safe' confines of the church. I thought if I could take the idea that these couples weren't really doing anything wrong but according to church gossips they were 'Wild' and 'out of control', then it might make my series more relatable and realistic. 

Starting with Mark and Holly's story there will be six books overall. At least that's what I've planned so far. Who knows how many I'll actually write after those are completed.  You can read Wild Imaginings now on Amazon and starting July 14th, 2020 it will be available wherever books are sold online. You can also get a print copy on Amazon or by reaching out to me. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Meh . . .

I'm weird. I know I am, but it doesn't stop my sense of humor from overtaking my good sense at times. Mostly I hide my weirdness from the world but, after the year that has played out so far like a badly written fantasy novel, my mind has finally snapped and I've decided to just say 'to heck with it' and write whatever comes to my mind. Not in my books, obviously, I still want you guys to like them. But here on my blog. This cartoon sums up my feelings perfectly for the last book I've written. That's when I realized that I don't do it for anyone but me. I want the books to be perfect and if readers find them and love them, then that's awesome but if no one does, then I won't let it define my writing.

I've always thought I loved writing romance, but as I've gotten older I think I like writing all kinds of different things and while romance will always be my first love, don't be surprised if you see me dive into fantasy or women's fiction where romance isn't the focal point of the book. The woman's journey to find herself is. Today's world has a lot of differences and being from a small town in Maine, there is a lot of things going on that I don't really identify with. But something we all identify with is the journey of self discovery. No promises on how often I'll post, but I'm putting it on my schedule, just like I'm putting on my writing and editing. The next focus for me is focus. Not procrastinating. Who's with me? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bootcamp Time! Pump up your writing muscles.

I love planning. Well, let me clarify. I love planners, something I found I shared with fellow Indie Author, Sarra Cannon.  Writing out my agenda for the week, month or quarter gives me a little thrill of hope that I will accomplish what I'm setting out to do.

When I started this new journey of being a full-time author I knew that I was going to have to find a way to be disciplined in order to accomplish my goals. Organization hasn't always been my strong suit, so that was a huge priority when I started on this path. Lucky for me, Sarra has already been down that road and has helped pave the way by designing her own helpful planner for writers, which I found on Created specifically for writers who follow her HB90 Quarterly plans, it's helpful for any author who is looking for a way to organize the chaos. You can find a planner for yourself at her Etsy Shop .

Planning wasn't the only thing I found overwhelming as a new Indie Author. Fortunately I found the help I needed by following suggestions made by fellow indie author and publisher, Sarra Cannon. She's got a YouTube Channel that is amazing for newbies, like myself. Ten years ago she started on her own journey, and has taken the time to develop a channel with all sorts of helpful tips and tricks that she's learned along the way.  Without her guidance I can honestly say I would have given up a long time ago.

Sarra has taken the time to create so much free content. You can find it both on her YouTube channel and in printable content on her website. But beyond that she has a class that starts on June 14-20th for learning her 90 day planning method. If you are feeling as lost as I was, then do yourself a huge favor and click on this link and SIGN UP for the class. You will not regret it! 

If you're like me and have decided to launch your own Indie Publishing career, I would highly suggest you do yourself a favor and check out Sarra Cannon's Heart Breathings Channel and website/blog. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Man Reads Romance

Featuring my book, Wild Imaginings on his very first podcast, A Man Reads Wild Imaginings by Constance Ruth Clark. What an honor to be chosen. I was so impressed by the way he made the story come to life. Don't worry, he only reads the first chapter. When I asked him about it, he said that he'd read enough romance to know where the steamy parts usually started. He thought it would be fun to tease the readers and leave them wanting more.   

About the Podcast: 

All episodes produced by Ethan Freckleton. Each book is narrated by Dudley Manchester's sultry, velvety voice. In each episode, you'll enjoy a Happily Ever After chapter of new and (sometimes) hot romantic fiction.  If you listen and enjoy, be sure to subscribe to this podcast to receive weekly teases from new and sometimes steamy romance fiction novels. 


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Big Changes

As you may have noticed, Unexpected Destinies is no longer available for sale. I pulled it down after ten years because it needs updating and I wanted to make a few editing changes. I will be re-releasing it very shortly under a new name.

Past Destinies is also getting an update and as of this writing, only the print version is available for sale. Once those copies are gone, they will be gone for good, so if you want an original version of the book, better get it now!

These books will be available soon under the Goddess of Destiny series and I will be releasing Agatha's story soon.

Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 24, 2020

How Life Changes

My husband taking on the Terminator!
The world turned upside-down recently. Like most of you, I've had to make adjustments in the new reality. I used to have certain times of the day I could work, and now, with two kids home all day when they aren't over at their father's house, it's very different. My schedule has been a bit wonky, to say the least.

Having my husband home all day has also been a bit different. At first, I felt like I had to spend all day with him but then we both realized that we got more done if we assigned ourselves separate tasks. Since getting married almost a year ago, we've never spent so much time together. I know that it has shown me that I finally got it right with him. I don't think there is another man I could have been quaranteed with for a month where we wouldn't have started fighting. Instead, we've fallen into a routine. When we have tasks to do together, we easily complete them by working together. The most drama we create together is when the kids are home, and then it's the family type stuff about getting them to clean up after themselves and to stop watching so much television.

After seven years of being alone and figuring it all out on my own, I'm now in the happy dilemma of figuring out how to share the woes and chores with another adult who is pulling their weight. I don't have to stress about how bills will be paid on just my salary because he's there to contribute. My husband is a superhero to me and I'm so thankful to have him in my life. He is the best change to have happened in my life, aside from my children of course.

Meet my best friend Mark. . . .

He just proposed a weekend of no strings attached, adult fun. Oh god, should I? What's the catch, you ask?  It's at a church retreat. Can we keep the church gossips from finding out? I don't know if I have the guts to go wild.
- Holly


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wild Imaginings Release Date Moved Up!!

I'm very excited to announce that the release date for Wild Imaginings, Book 1 of the Wild Romance Series is now April 1st, 2020!  In light of recent events, I think we can all use a little good news. Pre-ordering is available NOW and you can get your copy by heading to Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited and print. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Wild Romance Releasing Book One!

Release Day is almost here for Book One, Wild Imaginings.😍 I'm so excited to have written and created this new series of Romantic Fiction.

It's all about conservative Christian people who follow the rules as they know them and have had life deal them a bad hand. So they decide to see what happens if they break those rules and go a little Wild.

This is Holly & Mark's story. 

Holly and Mark haven't seen each other since graduation from their ultra-conservative Christian high school fifteen years ago. 

They've both experienced the heartbreak divorce brings but still crave a real human connection. Finding each other again through social media gives them both a much-needed shoulder to cry on. 

The fun starts when they decide to take their rekindled friendship into the real world. Who cares what the church gossips say, they're headed straight to heaven on the road to hell.

Warning: Adult 18+ Content

Pre-Orders Available March 30th

Monday, February 24, 2020

Romantic Weekend Getaway

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to take time with your significant other and connect as a couple.

My husband and I weren't able to do this for Valentine's Day weekend as we had other obligations. Lucky for us we found a lovely, quaint little Bed and Breakfast with an amazing Spa Tub. To be completely honest, I searched for a place that had a spa tub because I've missed having one of my own so much and haven't had a relaxing bath in ages. My husband was only too happy to join me. Isn't that what a romantic weekend is all about?

The entire evening was magical, completed with the white wine and Strawberries our host was able to acquire at the last minute. My handsome husband made me feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet and treated me like the queen he thinks I am. Altogether it was a most wonderfully romantic mini-holiday and I can't wait for the next one.

Just as a side note, If you're still single, as I was for many years, it's also important to take time for yourself and treat yourself to some time away from 'real-life'. We all need a way to recharge our batteries.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Destinies Series

Happy Valentine's Day!

A few years back I started a series called 'Destinies'. It is based on the premise that we all have soulmates out there, but we may not have found them yet. For some the reason is tragic. Death separates many. For others they were unfortunate to think they had fallen in love but it was with the wrong person. All can be corrected with a little time and attention and the right person helping. 

To correct the separations of true soulmates let me introduce you to Agatha, a granddaughter of Zeus. While in a jealous rage, Zeus ripped apart the souls of the humans he had created, dooming them to roam the earth forever in search of their other half. His wife, Hera, was determined to help correct this horrible wrong. She convinced Zeus to talk to Hades and he found Agatha. Her status as a demi-goddess has given her the ability to unite soulmates, even through time and space. Cupid isn't exactly a fan of her doing his job, and will try to show her up by matching couples who aren't always the best fit. Isn't it great to think that the heartbreak you've experienced was just because some god was jealous of another and had a fit? At least we have Agatha to correct those mistakes. Now if she could just find her own soulmate, everyone would get what they want.

Using the Destinies Series as the backstory, I have plans for some hot, spicy fun short stories that will get the blood pumping and juices flowing. Some will be about self discovery, some about learning about love for the first time and others will be how to recover after a tragic loss. All will be stories of woman, as real as my mind can create, who experience life to the fullest to become the best or better version of themselves. I believe in happy endings and my own life is proof of that. If I found mine, you can too! 

Monday, February 10, 2020

Self Development - Planners

A couple weeks ago I received my Legend Planner and I love it! It's a journal to plot out your goals for both personal and career. Since taking this leap of faith to become a writer full time, I've realized that I really need to plan things out and set goals to make sure that I can plan for success.

I took about an hour of my morning to go through it and immediately fell in love with its design and helpful prompts for goals and success strategies. The stickers filled with helpful motivational quotes and colorful graphics made me smile. I know I'll be using this daily to keep me on track with my personal and career goals and am excited to share with you.

I bought one of these planners for both myself and my 13 year old daughter. I'm hoping that it is something we can work out together. Mine is pink and hers is Teal, and we both love the stickers and themes. I bought some washi tape and more sticker books on this huge sale at Marshall's.  (I guess they are going out of business, so everything was 70% off!) Stickers are such fun!

Each morning I go through and check off the goals I'm tracking and update where I am. I love how it helps hold me accountable, and I love how I can customize the dates and goals for when I'm ready to set them. That way I don't feel like I've wasted pages if I miss a week or a month. For example, since I didn't get this until the last week of January, I didn't even put that month in the planner, I started with February. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to check out, you can find a planner of your own by clicking the following link. I am not paid to endorse this product. Legend Planner - Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Love Believes

I've always believed in romance. 

Even when it seemed like it was just a fantasy created for gullible people like me so they wouldn't give up on life after being single for what seemed like forever. After two failed marriages and being a single mom for seven years I had actually started to doubt in romance and happily ever after. I felt like life had lied to me and I had a really hard time writing about true love and soulmates when it seemed pretty obvious I was writing a lie. I still had that belief hidden deep inside. 

One night, shortly after my divorce, I was feeling particularly lonely and sad over the loss of my dream of happily ever after. Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the whispering echoes of the many romances I'd read over the years, but something made me open my journal and start to write. What  I wrote about that night was the image of a man my heart had been looking for. In vivid and intimate detail I described him. How he would treat me. His likes and dislikes, his height and body type, even the color of his eyes and hair. Nothing was left out, down to the most intimate details of his physique. I wasn't leaving anything to chance. Deep in my broken heart was a spark of hope, a prayer that if he was out there, somehow we would be united. 

It was seven years and countless encounters with Mr. Wrong before the man who is now my husband finally found me. In that time I would meet men who made my heart perk up and start to hope. It would seem like perhaps he could be the man I'd been looking for, but then I'd remember my journal and go read that entry to see how he measured up. There was always something missing. Something not quite there. He didn't play an instrument or get along with my kids or wasn't financially stable. By the time I met my husband I had almost forgotten about the entry because it seemed no man was ever going to meet every quality. 

The night we met we both felt something strongly for the other and what was supposed to be a Friday night dinner date ended Sunday morning. Three months after we started dating something made me think about that journal entry and I dug it out again. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Years before I met him, I had described my husband down to the most intimate detail! Literally every single quality and trait I had listed was there. It was as if I had known him and was describing him. Chills ran down my spine when I realized how accurately I had pictured him. I showed him and he almost didn't believe me, until I showed him the date I had written it. 

That's when I began to believe in romance again. Until my own true life romance story happened I was sure it was all just hogwash. My husband made me believe that romance in real life is actually possible with the little things he does for me every day. His passion for me and fierce love of who I am still amazes me. He never asked me to change one thing about myself, and I am far from perfect! He adores all my faults and sees beauty in me when I can't. Every morning when he gets to work he sends me a sweet text telling me he loves me, and he has done this every day since we met. That's just a small sample of how he had made me believe in romance again. 

Because of him I've gone back to writing - romance stories about love and hope. This world can be a harsh place when you're alone and I want to give others hope. It happened to me and it can happen for you too. Just believe!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Next Up - Forbidden Destinies

I know you are all dying of curiosity about what I've been working on. Let me introduce you to Anne. Her entire life is a lie. She doesn't know it yet but the world she thought was so safe is about to take a turn she never saw coming.

Agatha must work hard to fix the frustrating mistake Cupid made when he shot his love arrow at the wrong girl. This romance might require rocking the conventional boat a little before everything is right again. Are you ready for the ride? Look out, steamy rocks ahead!

Author's Note

I'm still working on Anne's story but wanted to let you know what is coming next! Publishing Date will be Spring/Summer of 2020.