Friday, March 13, 2020

Wild Romance Releasing Book One!

Release Day is almost here for Book One, Wild Imaginings.😍 I'm so excited to have written and created this new series of Romantic Fiction.

It's all about conservative Christian people who follow the rules as they know them and have had life deal them a bad hand. So they decide to see what happens if they break those rules and go a little Wild.

This is Holly & Mark's story. 

Holly and Mark haven't seen each other since graduation from their ultra-conservative Christian high school fifteen years ago. 

They've both experienced the heartbreak divorce brings but still crave a real human connection. Finding each other again through social media gives them both a much-needed shoulder to cry on. 

The fun starts when they decide to take their rekindled friendship into the real world. Who cares what the church gossips say, they're headed straight to heaven on the road to hell.

Warning: Adult 18+ Content

Pre-Orders Available March 30th