Friday, February 14, 2020

Destinies Series

Happy Valentine's Day!

A few years back I started a series called 'Destinies'. It is based on the premise that we all have soulmates out there, but we may not have found them yet. For some the reason is tragic. Death separates many. For others they were unfortunate to think they had fallen in love but it was with the wrong person. All can be corrected with a little time and attention and the right person helping. 

To correct the separations of true soulmates let me introduce you to Agatha, a granddaughter of Zeus. While in a jealous rage, Zeus ripped apart the souls of the humans he had created, dooming them to roam the earth forever in search of their other half. His wife, Hera, was determined to help correct this horrible wrong. She convinced Zeus to talk to Hades and he found Agatha. Her status as a demi-goddess has given her the ability to unite soulmates, even through time and space. Cupid isn't exactly a fan of her doing his job, and will try to show her up by matching couples who aren't always the best fit. Isn't it great to think that the heartbreak you've experienced was just because some god was jealous of another and had a fit? At least we have Agatha to correct those mistakes. Now if she could just find her own soulmate, everyone would get what they want.

Using the Destinies Series as the backstory, I have plans for some hot, spicy fun short stories that will get the blood pumping and juices flowing. Some will be about self discovery, some about learning about love for the first time and others will be how to recover after a tragic loss. All will be stories of woman, as real as my mind can create, who experience life to the fullest to become the best or better version of themselves. I believe in happy endings and my own life is proof of that. If I found mine, you can too!