Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bootcamp Time! Pump up your writing muscles.

I love planning. Well, let me clarify. I love planners, something I found I shared with fellow Indie Author, Sarra Cannon.  Writing out my agenda for the week, month or quarter gives me a little thrill of hope that I will accomplish what I'm setting out to do.

When I started this new journey of being a full-time author I knew that I was going to have to find a way to be disciplined in order to accomplish my goals. Organization hasn't always been my strong suit, so that was a huge priority when I started on this path. Lucky for me, Sarra has already been down that road and has helped pave the way by designing her own helpful planner for writers, which I found on Etsy.com. Created specifically for writers who follow her HB90 Quarterly plans, it's helpful for any author who is looking for a way to organize the chaos. You can find a planner for yourself at her Etsy Shop .

Planning wasn't the only thing I found overwhelming as a new Indie Author. Fortunately I found the help I needed by following suggestions made by fellow indie author and publisher, Sarra Cannon. She's got a YouTube Channel that is amazing for newbies, like myself. Ten years ago she started on her own journey, and has taken the time to develop a channel with all sorts of helpful tips and tricks that she's learned along the way.  Without her guidance I can honestly say I would have given up a long time ago.

Sarra has taken the time to create so much free content. You can find it both on her YouTube channel and in printable content on her website. But beyond that she has a class that starts on June 14-20th for learning her 90 day planning method. If you are feeling as lost as I was, then do yourself a huge favor and click on this link and SIGN UP for the class. You will not regret it! 

If you're like me and have decided to launch your own Indie Publishing career, I would highly suggest you do yourself a favor and check out Sarra Cannon's Heart Breathings Channel and website/blog.