Thursday, September 16, 2021

Peter & Kristina's Story, part 2 almost here!


I know, I've been teasing you guys with this for a while, but this time I'm for real. Part two will be here September 30th! (Cue squeals and happy dances!) 

Peter and Kristina were supposed to be a one hit wonder - meaning just a quick, fun read and on to the next book. But they had other ideas. For one thing, Peter can't get Kristina out of his mind. The groupies he used to think were fun now seem trashy and way too easy. Where's the fun in that? 

As for Kristina, she doesn't have time to think about Peter, she has too much work to do around the stable. But something is bothering her about her mother's death. And her stepbrother, Roger is acting really creepy. 

Of course Peter comes back, just in time to help her save the day. The story also features characters who are in other books in the series, like Cassidy, Becky, and Holly. Readers have been asking to see their favorite characters, even in books that aren't theirs and you'll be happy to find sneak peeks. 

Frank and Becky's story is coming soon! But first, Katie has to run away. Who is Katie, you ask? You'll have to read the book to find out! She makes her first appearance here, in Wild Heart. 

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Monday, February 1, 2021

On Sale for a Limited Time - Wild Country

Have you met Peter and Kristina? 

He's annoying, arrogant and altogether far too sexy for his own good, but he needs her help or he might freeze to death. Honestly, maybe she should let him. Instead she rescues him and warms him up. It's been a long time since a man has affected her, but too much wine and a crazy blizzard was all it took for her to melt.

Now she's got to get him to leave because she has plans and he's not in them. But he has other ideas.

I hope you fall in love with Peter and Kristina and their story. Originally this book was supposed to be much further along in the Wild Romance series, but then I realized that it actually is the first story. So I apologize to my readers who might be confused.

Look for Wild Hearts, book two of Pete and Kristina's story. It will be coming out February 2021.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Man Out of Time

New Release Alert! 
 Man Out of Time will be available October 1st from all major eBook retailers and as a print copy book mid-October.

I'm very excited about this book and all the hard work that has gone into getting it ready. The first book in my Goddess of Destiny series, this book showcases Agatha as the Goddess who uses her powers to bring together soulmates, even through time.

If you've read my book, Past Destinies, this book is the updated version. I've changed Agatha's part completely and updated a few other points of the book. I've also expanded scenes and given a more in depth look at the characters and the world. 

 For subscribers of my newsletter, I'm also going to give a never before revealed peek into Agatha's backstory. The day she discovered her goddess powers and realized she wasn't like her human sister. More to come on that front as I expand her world. 

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