Friday, September 25, 2020

Man Out of Time

New Release Alert! 
 Man Out of Time will be available October 1st from all major eBook retailers and as a print copy book mid-October.

I'm very excited about this book and all the hard work that has gone into getting it ready. The first book in my Goddess of Destiny series, this book showcases Agatha as the Goddess who uses her powers to bring together soulmates, even through time.

If you've read my book, Past Destinies, this book is the updated version. I've changed Agatha's part completely and updated a few other points of the book. I've also expanded scenes and given a more in depth look at the characters and the world. 

 For subscribers of my newsletter, I'm also going to give a never before revealed peek into Agatha's backstory. The day she discovered her goddess powers and realized she wasn't like her human sister. More to come on that front as I expand her world. 

You can subscribe to my newsletter on my FaceBook page or click the link on the sidebar of my blog. I'm also quite active in my reader group on Facebook called Romantic Spark Readers.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wild Romance in Springfield

Here's the deal. Springfield is a fictional town I made up. I needed to have a place where all my characters for this series could live. It's a small town in New England. Could it be Massachusetts? Sure. Could it be in Maine? Absolutely. Or in New Hampshire or Connecticut or Vermont. Not New York, but you get the idea. It's small town New England. And even though there are real towns in New England that have that name, my town is Fictional, just like the disclaimer says. 

When I started the Wild Romance series, I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a steamy romance series. Then I realized parts of it might have christian elements, but that I wasn't going to compromise on the steamy. Voila! Introducing the Steamy Contemporary Christian Romance. Unfortunately, there isn't a category for that in Amazon, or anywhere else. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to create it. Apparently I love a challenge. 

This series is all about people you can relate to. Sure, they're fictional, but they're based on people and places in real life. One of my biggest pet peeves when reading Christian Romance was how they always stop short of the 'goods', so to speak. Just when I'm getting excited for the characters to discover each other that whole part of life is avoided and glossed over behind closed doors. Some readers like that. Some don't. I don't. I want to follow the whole journey. If a reader doesn't want to, they can always skip the naughty parts. (Wink) 

Where did I come up with the 'Wild' idea? It all started when I was a kid in church. All the gossips, and yes there were many of them, would whisper about the 'wild' daughter of so and so and how those miniskirts were taking her straight to hell. The sad part was she was the sweetest person and one of my best friends growing up. She wasn't wild at all, she was just exploring life outside the 'safe' confines of the church. I thought if I could take the idea that these couples weren't really doing anything wrong but according to church gossips they were 'Wild' and 'out of control', then it might make my series more relatable and realistic. 

Starting with Mark and Holly's story there will be six books overall. At least that's what I've planned so far. Who knows how many I'll actually write after those are completed.  You can read Wild Imaginings now on Amazon and starting July 14th, 2020 it will be available wherever books are sold online. You can also get a print copy on Amazon or by reaching out to me. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Meh . . .

I'm weird. I know I am, but it doesn't stop my sense of humor from overtaking my good sense at times. Mostly I hide my weirdness from the world but, after the year that has played out so far like a badly written fantasy novel, my mind has finally snapped and I've decided to just say 'to heck with it' and write whatever comes to my mind. Not in my books, obviously, I still want you guys to like them. But here on my blog. This cartoon sums up my feelings perfectly for the last book I've written. That's when I realized that I don't do it for anyone but me. I want the books to be perfect and if readers find them and love them, then that's awesome but if no one does, then I won't let it define my writing.

I've always thought I loved writing romance, but as I've gotten older I think I like writing all kinds of different things and while romance will always be my first love, don't be surprised if you see me dive into fantasy or women's fiction where romance isn't the focal point of the book. The woman's journey to find herself is. Today's world has a lot of differences and being from a small town in Maine, there is a lot of things going on that I don't really identify with. But something we all identify with is the journey of self discovery. No promises on how often I'll post, but I'm putting it on my schedule, just like I'm putting on my writing and editing. The next focus for me is focus. Not procrastinating. Who's with me?