Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Happy 2022! I'm so grateful to be here, having survived my personal bout with Covid-19 when my family and I all got it in October. It seemed like everyone I knew all got it around the same time, but thankfully we are all still here. I know many were not as lucky, and so I feel very thankful. 

Now to get down to what we've got planned for the coming year. 

I know it's been a long time coming, but my publishing company is almost ready to announce the release dates for books 3 & 4 of my Wild Romance (Springfield Small Town Romance) series! Peter and Kristina's story comes to a Wild conclusion, with a few twists you may or may not see coming, in Book Three. 

You may have noticed that we updated the covers for Wild Country and Wild Heart to be more in line with the genre of steamy contemporary romance. 

Once the conclusion of Peter and Kristina's story is published as an eBook, it will be bound together with parts one and two and will be available in print as a full length single novel! I'm so excited to have that available for readers who prefer paperback books. The paperback cover reveal and title will be announced shortly. 

Book Four sets up Frank and Becky's romance, where you'll encounter characters you've met in the first books and be introduced to more Springfield residents. If you've read Wild Imaginings (technically Book Five) already, then you've already met Frank and Becky. Book Six is the conclusion of Frank and Becky's story, and will also have more from Mark and Holly (Wild Imaginings). 

I can't forget about Agatha! I'm currently working on her backstory and expanding Emma's Wish (Newsletter Sign-up Free Novella) into a full-length book. I'll give you more details on these upcoming projects soon. 

I'm also planning to take Man Out of Time out of Kindle Unlimited and release it to a wider audience in April, so if you use Kindle Unlimited and want to read it for free, better grab it while you still can! 

Thank you for your patience as I complete these books. My commitment to quality makes my process slower than I would like. 

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In conclusion, I'd like to thank you, my readers, for your continued support. I appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you continue to enjoy my books for years to come. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wild Heart Release Today!!

 Let's Celebrate! Wild Heart, book two of Peter and Kristina's story is out today!  

Playboy superstar fall in love? Never gonna happen. Not to Peter Lexington.

Except that the stage seems empty. Thousands of screaming fans mean nothing if she's not waiting in the wings. Peter knows he messed up when he let her push him away and isn't going to let it happen again. But his plan to show her how he feels blows up in smoke when he returns to Springfield and finds she's disappeared. Can he find her before her Stepfather does?

Kristina is never going to escape unless she does something drastic.

Telling Peter to leave was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but Kristina can't afford to be in a relationship right now. She's too busy fighting for the only life she's ever known. Sure, she likes him, but Peter lives in the stars and she's down here on solid ground. Then the world explodes around her and nothing makes sense anymore, except her feelings for the man she knows she can't have.

Follow Peter and Kristina as they continue on their unique journey toward happily ever after. This story is full of twists and unexpected turns as these two people navigate their romance. Read book two of this three book couple series, part of the Wild Romance/Springfield Small Town Romance Series.

Be sure to look for Book One of their story, Wild Country.  

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Peter & Kristina's Story, part 2 almost here!


I know, I've been teasing you guys with this for a while, but this time I'm for real. Part two will be here September 30th! (Cue squeals and happy dances!) 

Peter and Kristina were supposed to be a one hit wonder - meaning just a quick, fun read and on to the next book. But they had other ideas. For one thing, Peter can't get Kristina out of his mind. The groupies he used to think were fun now seem trashy and way too easy. Where's the fun in that? 

As for Kristina, she doesn't have time to think about Peter, she has too much work to do around the stable. But something is bothering her about her mother's death. And her stepbrother, Roger is acting really creepy. 

Of course Peter comes back, just in time to help her save the day. The story also features characters who are in other books in the series, like Cassidy, Becky, and Holly. Readers have been asking to see their favorite characters, even in books that aren't theirs and you'll be happy to find sneak peeks. 

Frank and Becky's story is coming soon! But first, Katie has to run away. Who is Katie, you ask? You'll have to read the book to find out! She makes her first appearance here, in Wild Heart. 

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