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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Almost There . . . .

    It's been a very busy summer for me. My husband is working in Germany and I'm home alone with my two small children. I've had to resort to a schedule (me? Schedule? Wow!) to keep my sanity with my 4 year old. If I didn't want her in front of the TV all day I needed to find a way to have different activities for her. It's worked out really well and there are times I even feel like I have it all together! Unfortunately focusing on my kids more means my writing has been placed on the back burner for most of the summer.

    Current WIP is Unexpected Destinies. I have managed to add another crucial character and rip apart the beginning to redo it. Even though I thought the first page was pretty solid, it didn't work the way I wanted it to, so I had to change everything around. I'm hoping my editor agrees this way is better. I'm almost finished with all the details and ready to start the first round of edits.

    I submitted to Bantom House, at their request, but haven't heard back. I'm guessing that's either because the editor I submitted it to is busy for the summer and hasn't gotten to it yet, or because she didn't like it. I've made a lot of changes since I submitted it so I'm debating on if I should re-submit with the changes. I just don't want to be a pest about it.

    I've been really encouraged by the reviews that have been popping up for Past Destinies. I must admit that it's scary having my book out there wondering if people will like it and when I read the reviews I feel like Mary Tyler Moore "You love me, you really love me"!! They are very motivating and keep me plugging away at my current WIP. I want it to be just as well received, so I don't want to rush the process. I can see this is going to take much longer than I thought!  Well, Rome wasn't built in a day either!