Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle . . . .

It’s been a rough week all around. Last Monday my husband left for business for two weeks, leaving me alone with two small children. (ages 4 and 2 months) He’s done this before, so this time wasn’t really very different from the last time with a huge exception. My daughter (the 4 yr old) decided it was test mommy week. Thank goodness she is in school during the week or I would have been pulling my hair out by the roots! Silly me, I thought I might get some writing done this week but nope, nada. There was just no way I could concentrate and Jane and Nick had to go on the back burner.
Thankfully my writing stalemate has come to an end. My dear cousin Shelley came for a visit on Sunday and brought with her a whole basket full of great ideas. So after a lovely visit, where my daughter had fun bossing her daughter around (still feel bad about that – I don’t know where she gets that from!) my writing brain is back on fire. Last night I pounded out 11 pages before I stopped. That’s the most I’ve done in a day in a very long, long time! My daily goal has been 5 pages. Aren’t you proud of me?
Now I need to decide how I want to spell Jane’s name. Should it be Jane or Jayne? Which one sounds like a top model to you?