Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review - Destiny's Captive, Kate Lyon

Last night I finished reading a book I got last spring while at the MERWA conference. I don't know why I didn't read it earlier! Ms. Lyons has the knack of combining suspense, romance and paranormal elements in a pleasing cocktail. It was an easy read that went down smoothly and left a pleasing aftertaste. So yeah, I'm thirsty. What of it?

I think this is actually the third book in a series, but still stood on it's own rather well. There were references to other stories but they only served to wet my desire to read them as well. The story is about a man who has lived with the Comanche Indians since he was a young boy, who survived a horrific attack in which his entire family, friends and neighbors were killed. He decides it's time to discover the truth about the attack and returns to where it happened. There he finds a man whose suspicious actions raise red flags all over the place, especially when an attempt is made on his life when he leaves after a short visit. The man's daughter finds the white warrior on death's door and with the help of some friends manages to save his life. The sexual tension through the story is great and the twists and turns of the plot keep you guessing as you read. Just when you think you've figured out how the story is going to go it changes direction.

I highly recommend this entertaining and enjoyable read. Be sure you don't have much to do when you start the book because you may find yourself forgetting anything but the story. The best kind of reading, the kind that makes you lose yourself in the book.