Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Review: One Enchanted Evening by Lynn Kurland

As usual Lynn Kurland did not disappoint with her wonderful book 'One Enchanted Evening'. I picked it up yesterday at my local Walmart, almost drooling with glee when I saw it. There is something magical about the stories Lynn weaves through time. I love all her characters and reading another story about a character that was introduced to us in prior books makes the world shes created come alive. The more I read the more I crave. Okay well enough of my fawning, on to the story. 

Montgomery de Piaget is the youngest son of Rhys de Piaget, whose children seem to attract time traveling spouses. I've always loved Montgomery for his innocent belief in fairies and when he sees one through a time gate as a teenager, somewhere down deep his belief is verified. Now he is all grown up and ready to man the Keep his father left him. Trouble is there are a bunch of nasty cousins who don't want to leave and would rather kill him then give up their unkept home. 

Enter Pippa Alexander a fashion designer whose tastes runs mid-evil. She's designed costumes for a fairy themed party at her sister's castle in England. Sometime during the party she falls into the moat and instead of the clear water it had been when she fell it is a cesspool of unmentionable nastiness. And of course Montgomery pulls her out. 

While the story does have a few tried and true themes, like Pippa thinking that he's engaged to someone else, the charm of the story overcomes that. I wasn't a big fan of her sister being lost in the past with her - that seemed a bit much to me and left a lot of questions about the sister that the book doesn't answer completely. 

As with all Lynn Kurland books I found myself reading when I should have been doing other things. Like working. All in all a most enjoyable read that was fun to read from beginning to end. I was disappointed when I got to the last page, not because the story wasn't finished but because there are more stories waiting to be told. Thank you Lynn for another jewel to put in my book treasury.