Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day Getaway

 It's Valentines Day. Are you doing anything special? I swear, whoever decided Valentine's Day should be in February needed to GET OUT of the house in the middle of winter and have a reason!

My husband and I always go to a bed-and-breakfast just to be somewhere different and reconnect. I did a search years ago for places that featured spa tubs for two (So romantic!) and found several within an hour or so from our home. 

This year we're going back to this quaint little B&B, called the Pryor House, in Bath, Maine that has amazing, 5 Star chef quality breakfasts. Seriously, she's amazing. The atmostphere just screams ROMANTIC. 

Spending time on the coast with just my husband always seems to rekindle our spark in a big way, if you catch my drift!  It seems like after Christmas there isn't much to look forward to until spring. Now that my single days are over, I'm taking full advantage of having a partner who also enjoys getting away together. 

This year the snow has been ridiculous, I'm sure you'll agree, pretty much everywhere. My cousin who lives in Texas got almost a foot of snow last week and so did my sister who lives in North Carolina! (So much for my dreams of moving south to escape the white powder!)


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