Sunday, February 19, 2012

If you Haven't Heard . . . .

 My next book, Unexpected Destinies, has been accepted for publication through Lyrical Press. I'm so excited to work with them again and keep the series going with the same publisher. So now starts a whole process of edits back and forth with my patient new editor Ann-Marie.

Meanwhile I have to put food on the table, so I'll be doing all that in between job one and job two, and the mommy job I have on the side. Did I mention that the ex filed for divorce? Yeah, so I'm going through that too. I guess I should post pone that new diet after all. Phew! I am woman, hear me roar!  More on Unexpected Destinies coming up. Meanwhile, I'll try to update my blog about once a month. I can't really promise more than that because, well, I don't believe I'll go into that again!