Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm officially a PRO

Aren't they beautiful? Congratulations to me! Earlier this month I joined Romance Writers of America. I feel honored to be a part of that great organization. It has helped so many aspiring authors like myself achieve credibility and helped jump start their careers. It's a many layered organization and one part is the PRO section. That is the part where unpublished authors who have submitted and been rejected by RWA approved publishing houses can go for a little more help moving toward being a published author. Since I've been honored with an official form rejection letter from Avon Publishing I am now PRO. I'll be happier when I can be PAN! That would be a published author.

I've finally put away my first book while I wait for my agent to figure out what she likes (or doesn't like) about it. Time to start working on the second book. It would be great if I remembered to post in my blog more then once a month! Now I need to figure out what conflict will make a great story and get back to work.