Saturday, April 15, 2023

Wild Darkness is Finally Here!


After a lot of snags in the road, and no thanks to Amazon screwing up things at the last minute, I am pleased to announce that Wild Darkness is finally available! 

This book had me on a roller coaster of emotions a few times because when I originally created the character Bobby Cabot, he was based on a very dear friend of mine who went through similar experiences during his time in the armed services. I wanted to honor my friend because the darkness inside him won when he lost his battle with PTSD in 2018. He would have loved being the hero in a romance novel, so that's what he is. 

I hope you fall in love with this version of Bobby the way I did. He's conflicted about the emotional mistakes he's made, loyal to a fault, and speaks his mind without apologizing. His love for Cassidy is the stuff we all long for - but she isn't ready to forgive him for breaking her heart. 

Cassidy tries to move on. She wants to focus on training her beloved horses with her cousin, Kristina (you met her in Wild Country Hearts), and eventually have a stable of her own. When tragedy strikes her family, Cassidy is forced to confront a few demons she wasn't ready for, including her feelings for Bobby. 

Part one of their story follows the end of Wild Country Hearts (Kristina & Peter's story) and continues the dig deeper into the mystery of why danger seems to lurk around every corner for the Cartwright family.  

 Grab your copy of this thrilling and adventurous romance today!